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Enhanced Contribution Entry


The Enhanced Contribution Entry page allows you to enter contributions in an enhanced user-interface where you can specify honorariums for each fund and give towards mission trips. (See the Using Sub-Donors section for steps to activate the Sub-Donor option.)

NOTE: The following access keys can be used to quickly navigate through the entry process.

Alt-N - New Contribution

Alt-S - Save Batch

Alt-C - Access Fund List

Alt-M - Access Missiions


Follow the steps below to enter contributions using the Enhanced Contribution Entry page.

1.          From the Contributions menu, select the Enhanced Contribution Entry option.

2.          Enter the Batch Name, Batch Date, Control Amount, and choose the Default Contribution Type (e.g., Check, Cash, Non-Cash, E-Check).  Then click the Next button.

NOTE: If you have a ShelbyTeller file to import, click the Choose File button.  All entries in the imported batch will be set to the selected Default Contribution Type selected.

3.          Select the individual by clicking the Search  icon.

4.          The Person Search window appears. Select a search criteria from the drop-down list.

Advanced Search: Includes the ability to search by multiple values as well as limit to Person or Business record type.

5.          Enter your search criteria and then click the Search button. After the name(s) appear, select an individual and then click the OK button.

6.          Enter the detail for the individual contribution. The Date field defaults to the date of the batch.

NOTE: The Memo field is useful for non-cash gifts where an individual has donated stocks, equipment, or other items of value to the church.

7.          The Contribution Information section allows you to distribute the amount of this contribution to funds, projects, honorariums, and pledges.

Click on the Add Fund Line drop-down to select which funds to display or start typing to filter the funds to display.

Click the Show All funds button to display all funds.

8.          Enter the amounts for each fund and specify any projects or honorariums accordingly.

9.          Click the Add New  icon to add a new pledge.

10.          The Add Pledge window appears. Enter the details of the pledge and then click the Save button.

11.          Notice the new pledge displays under the Pledge Information header.


If the new pledge does not display, click the Edit Settings... link in the upper right-hand corner of the page and then adjust the PledgePostPay field.

For example, if you want pledges to display 120 days before the Start Date of the pledge, enter "120" in the field.


When you are finished adjusting the Module Settings, click the Save button, then the Done button. When the refresh cache message appears, click the OK button.


12.          Click the Add Mission Trip button to allocate part of the contribution to a mission trip.

13.          The Missions Contributions window appears. Select a missions trip from the drop-down listing.

14.          Enter an amount for at least one trip member and then click the Save button. Review the saved amounts in the Trip Member Contributions listing and then click the Done button when finished.

NOTE: Click the Delete  icon to remove a trip member allocation.

15.          After the Mission Trip allocation is added, you can click the Edit  icon to view or change it. Review all the details for this contribution and then click the Next button to save the contribution.


Be sure to click the Next button before clicking the Save Batch button.



If you click the Save Batch button without clicking the Next button, the last entry of the batch is not saved to the batch.


16.          As you enter contributions, notice the Batch Information box on the right-side of the page. This allows you to view and modify batch information as you enter contributions.

The Control Amount, Amount Entered, and the Difference between the two is listed at the top.

Click the # Contributions link to alternate between viewing and hiding the summary of entries.

Click the link in the Detail column to view the contribution for that individual.

Click the Edit  icon to make changes to the Batch Name, Batch Date, or Control Amount.

Click the New Contribution button to add a new contribution to the batch.

Click the Delete  icon to remove a contribution from the batch.

17.          When you are finished entering all the contributions for this batch, click the Save Batch button.


Using SubDonors

When using SubDonors, there is a drop-down list option labeled "Gift On Behalf Of" available when entering the contribution and the contribution details. The SubDonor selected in the Contribution Details is then tied to the Fund and Contributor.


To activate this feature, follow the steps below:

1.          Click the Edit Settings... link in the upper right-hand corner.

2.          Scroll down on the Module Settings window and then select "True" on the Show Sub-Donor option.

3.          When you are finished making your selection, click the Save button at the bottom of the window.

4.          Next, click the Done button.

5.          A pop-up message appears asking you to refresh cache. Click the OK button. The settings for your group details are now updated.