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This page displays all sent, scheduled and drafted email and SMS communications for the current user. Click the Date link to display the communication. If you edit and send a previously sent communication, Arena sends a new email.

Show Everybody’s Communications: Check this box to display sent emails from all users. The default option is per user.

Draft: The Saved Draft  icon displays to indicate the communication is saved as a draft.

Date: This column displays date and time when the email or SMS was sent or drafted. Click this link to display the email.

Created By: This column displays the user name whom created the email.

Sender’s Name: This column displays the name of the sender.

Sender’s Email: This column displays the email address of the sender.

Subject: This column displays the email subject.

Medium: This column displays the communication medium used. Options are email, SMS and mail.

Recipients: This column displays the number of original recipients per communication medium.

Successful: This column displays the number of successful communications sent.

Delete: Click the Delete  icon to delete a communication.

To view list of recipients in previously sent communications:

Click the Date Time link to display the email.

Click Show List link to display the recipients.

Arena displays all recipients, a day and time for those successfully sent, and a failed notification for those not sent.