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The Areas section of Arena is for creating and defining group area maps. Once you create a map, Arena displays records with a primary geocoded address in the area. An area consists of three or more points creating a geometric shape on the map. The push-pins represent Attendee, Member, Participant and Visitor Membership Status.

You can create points by entering in Latitude and Longitude coordinate values. However, any method of finding these values works. Individual maps must be contiguous and solid. You cannot create an Area that has a hole in it nor can an Area have several parts scattered around.

1.          Click the Areas option under the Groups menu to display an Add link to create the first Area, or if an Area already exists, a Map image encompassing all Areas within shows. For example, if one area is in Texas and the other in California, the initial Areas map shows most of the western United States. Below this map, there will be a list of the already created Areas.

Add a New Area

1.          To add a new Area, click the New Area  icon at the bottom of the Area list.

2.          Enter the Area Name, Map Width and Height (in pixels) of the Area map image, and any notes in Area Details.

3.          Click the Add New Leader  icon to add a person to the Leadership Team of this Area, if applicable.

4.          Assign the person to a Group Area Role.

5.          Click the Edit  icon for the coordinate.

6.          Using your preferred method to obtain the longitude and latitude coordinates; enter the latitude and longitude coordinates for this map point.

7.          Click the Save  icon.

8.          Repeat steps 3 through 7 for all coordinates for this map.

9.          Click the Update button once you enter all coordinates.

Area Details

Once you create a map, opening Area Details shows a small thumbnail of that specific Area, the Area Description, Area member statistics, and a tab bar for Groups, Families, Map, Metrics, and Tools.

Area Statistics

Area statistics are a quick, at-a-glance way to see various totals about the number of people whose addresses fall within this Area. Area Statistics uses standardized addresses.

Baptized – This is the percentage of active adults with a date value for the Baptized Person Attribute.

In a Group – This is the percentage of active adults in the Area enrolled in a Small Group.

Serving – This is the percentage of active adults in a Serving Tag with the status of “Connected.”

Adults – This is the total number of people whose family role is adult, record status is active, and their address places them in this Area.

Children – This is the total number of active children whose address places them in this Area.

Households – This is the total number of Families in this Area.

Groups Tab

This tab shows a list of all Small Groups that are in a set Category and have a Location that is within this Area. Click a Small Group link to open the Small Group details for that Group.

Families Tab

This tab displays a list of all the Families in the specific. Click a Family Head link to display the Person Detail page. Arena identifies Head of Household as follows: Family Role (adult over child), gender (male over female), and age (eldest).

Map Tab

This tab displays a larger version of the Area Map, and places color-coded Pins for the various Membership Status values. Filter by checking or un-selecting a pin value or use any of the Filter Criteria below.

Click the View Larger Map button to see a full-page version of the map image.

Hovering over a pin displays the group information

Metrics Tab

You can add Metrics to this Area. See your Arena Administrator for additional information.

Tools Tab

You can make Reports available on this tab. Reports are created using Microsoft Reporting Services.