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Attribute Groups


Click the Attribute Group link to display Person Attributes and click the Edit  icon to display specific fields. You can enable/disable all or select fields. You cannot delete the core person attribute fields but can disable any core field your organization is not using. Enable the attribute group so that attribute fields are available to users in My/Public Lists.


Add a Custom Person Attribute to Public/My Lists

To create custom Person Attributes:

1.          From the Administration menu, click the List Configuration option located under the CONFIGURE heading.

2.          Click the Attribute Controls link for the List Type you want to add attributes.

3.          Click the Edit  icon to edit the attribute group.

4.          Select the Enabled check box for each attribute you want to add to list criteria.

5.          Click the Update button.

6.          Select the Enabled check box for the attribute group.

7.          Click the Update button.

8.          Verify.