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List Configuration


Use the List Configuration page to select specific criteria and criteria controls to make available for each Report Type used on the My Lists and Public Lists pages. There are many criterion available by default so it is important to review all criteria before your staff uses either My or Public Lists.

If you have added new criteria, either from the conversion process or manually, be sure the same criteria is available for My and Public Lists. For example, as you add new Person Attributes, be sure the new fields are available in Lists. This is of course after you configure security for the new fields.

On the List Configuration page, tables, criteria controls and attribute controls are listed for each list type.

List Types - Arena has five default List Types. Each list type has specific criteria available such contribution fields for the Contribution List Type. (Arena Administrators can apply module security to limit access to specific List Types on the respective module.)

Computer Systems – This List Type has criteria specific for monitoring and managing computers on the same network as Arena.

Contribution – This List Type has advanced contributions criteria.

Group List Criteria – This List Type has advanced group criteria.

Parent List Criteria – This List Type has criteria of records with the Child Family Role and the parents of the children.

Person List Criteria – This List Type has a broad array of fields for all records. This is the most used List Type.

Tables – Click the Tables link to display all tables associated with the Report Type.

Criteria Controls – Click the Criteria Controls link to display the collection of criterion available. Criterion is organization in sections. Click this link to display the different sections.

Attribute Controls – Click the Attribute Controls link to display all available person attributes.