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Create New Lookups to use with Person Attributes


You can use alpha and numeric characters when creating new lookups. Do not use special characters.

1.          Click the Add New Lookup Type  icon at the bottom. This adds a new lookup type called [New Lookup Type] as a placeholder.

2.          Click the [New Lookup Type].

3.          Complete all desired fields. Override the default [New Lookup Type] name.

ID – This number is the field identification number Arena assigns.

Lookup Type – This is the name of the lookup type.

Description – Enter a description for this Lookup Type such as, what kind of values this type holds.

Qualifiers – This option can perform certain tasks when the value is used. Typical user-created values do not have any qualifiers, but you can use them for reporting purposes to group multiple values together.

4.          Click the Save  icon to save your changes. The new Lookup Type now displays in alphabetical order on the Lookup Type page. Click the Cancel  icon to close without saving your changes. Click the Delete  icon to delete the Lookup Type.

5.          Click the new Lookup Type to add values for the Lookup.

6.          Click the Add link.

7.          Enter lookup value and mark the value as Active.

8.          Click the Update  icon.

9.          Repeat all steps for each Lookup. After you create the first lookup, the Add Lookup  icon moves to the bottom right corner.

10.          Change the order of the values, as desired.