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Most drop-down lists in Arena are Lookups and most are customizable. You can also add new Lookups. As you customize various features in Arena, review and customize all associated Lookups with the particular feature.

All Lookups are listed on the Lookup page. Adjust page size to display all Lookups on one page. The default view sorts Lookups in alphabetical order by Lookup Type name. Click the ID or Lookup Type column heading to sort by either heading.

ID – This is the identification number for the Lookup Type.

Lookup Type – This is the name of the lookup. Click the Lookup Type link to view available values.

Description – This is the description for the lookup. Descriptions for the default lookup provide you information as to where and how the lookup is used.

Qualifiers – This is an optional qualifier setting.

Click the Edit  icon to edit the name, description or qualifiers.

Click the Delete  icon to delete the lookup type. You cannot delete Lookup Types that are in use or are core. However, you can turn off core Lookups that your organization does not plan to use.