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Lookup Type Values


All Lookup Types have values. The values are the options users can select where the Lookup is used. It is common to review and customize default Lookup Type Values. Let’s take a closer look at one of the more common Lookups, Membership Status. Some Lookups have additional fields; all Lookups have IDs, Values, Reorder options, edit and delete.

ID – This is the identification number for the Lookup value.

Value – This is one of the options in the lookup drop-down.

Active – The Checkmark  icon indicates the lookup is available.

Click and hold the Reorder  icon to move values in the desired order. Values in the first position are listed first in the drop-down list. Click the Sort Alphabetically link to sort all values by alpha/numeric order.

Click the Delete  icon to delete the lookup. While you cannot delete core Lookups, you can make lookups inactive.