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In this month's newsletter we'll cover

  • Enter Accounts Payable Invoices Easier and Faster 
  • The Cornerstones of Post-Pandemic Church Technology 
  • Using Conditions in Forms to Show or Hide Fields as Needed 
  • 2021 Nonprofit Benchmark Survey Results 
  • Webinar Resources 

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Steve Pruitt 

General Manager, Shelby Systems




Enter Accounts Payable Invoices Easier and Faster



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If you are accustomed to using your Tab key (or the + key) to move from one field to the next, and you have to tab several times across fields that you never, or seldom use, then you are going to love this new feature.




Growth Trends in Church Technology


post pandemic ebook email

Even as churches faced unique challenges in confronting and recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, countless opportunities have arisen to embrace and adapt to technology that can keep congregations connected, no matter what.


How have churches adapted? Are they missing out on valuable technology to support the recovery phase of the pandemic? What’s most important?

We had over 1,200 churches weigh in and put together a helpful eBook with insight as to how they're finding ways to be more effective, near and far.





Using Conditions in Forms to

Show or Hide Fields as Needed



When designing Forms for a variety of users, it is sometimes helpful to only show fields specific to the responses of the person filling out the form. Read this helpful article with some basics on how you might use Field Conditions to more sharply focus your questions and information you are gathering.





2021 Nonprofit Benchmark Survey Results

We are excited to release the results of our 2021 Nonprofit Benchmark Survey Results. The respondents of this survey represent total assets of $85MM, representing 47 of the 50 US states. We ask questions related to:

  • Their ability to reach their 2020 fundraising goals
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Use of social media
  • ….and much more

Download your free copy of the 2021 Nonprofit Benchmark Survey Results today to see how you are positioned among your peers!


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Webinar Resources


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Webinar Recordings  

  • Advance Your Knowledge: Purpose Driven Forms – Part 1 (Getting Ready for Fall)
    Get up to speed on all the latest features and improvements for Shelby's forms, just in time for the busy fall season!


  • Stay Connected With Your Congregation Via a Mobile App

With over 77% of adults owning smartphones, churches have an opportunity to build individual engagement and quick interactions with a mobile app.






Upcoming Webinars 

Advance Your Knowledge: Making, Tracking, and Reporting Budgets 

Join us at 2:00 pm Central Time on Wednesday, September 22, 2021 for a good look at budgets. We will explore how to create a budget, different ways to set the budget distribution, importing/exporting budgets, and reporting on budgets. Trainers Carmen Dea and Ben Lane will give you the basics of budgets along with some great tips and tricks along the way. 


Presented by Shelby Systems: 
Making, Tracking, and Reporting Budgets 
Wednesday, September 22, 2021 
2:00-2:45 pm (Central Time) 

This webinar is free to register and attend!







Manage Your Church Worship Services Simply and Effectively
Join us for a webinar September 28 at 12 pm CT 
to learn how you can streamline the worship planning experience with Shelby church management and integrated free cloud-based worship planning software to:

  • Organize your services, series, and events with an easy-to-use planning tool
  • Seamlessly plan your next services
  • Collaborate and schedule with your teams and volunteers
  • And more

Secure your spot for this FREE webinar now!





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