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In this month's newsletter we’ll cover: 

  • NEW Giver Prompt: Make a One-time Gift into a Recurring Gift
  • NEW Custom Branded MinistryOne App
  • Database Cleanup - How to Purge Inactive Records
  • Using Mass Text Messaging (SMS) to Keep in Contact During Challenging Times
  • Some Helpful Arena Tips
  • Tracking Families First Coronavirus Response Act's Paid Salaries
  • Handling Advanced Payments in Accounts Receivable
  • MPower20

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Steve Pruitt 
General Manager, Shelby Systems 

NEW Giver Prompt:
Make a One-time Gift into a Recurring Gift


No church or non-profit leader needs to have the importance of steady income explained to them. We know recurring giving benefits ministries and non-profits. Some studies show that those who have recurring gifts give up to 42% more than those who make one-time gifts. We have added our new Giver Prompt feature with this in mind.


Giver Prompt allows you to ask givers who are making a one-time gift if they would like to make it recurring. You determine how you will ask and how often in the set-up.

NEW Custom Branded MinistryOne App


We're excited to announce that you can upgrade the church app, MinistryOne, to a custom branded app! How is this different from the current, full-featured app that comes standard with your giving plan?

  • Match the app icon to your church's brand
  • Customize the app name
  • Add your image to show up while the app is loading
  • Direct people to your page in the app store

Database Cleanup
How to Purge Inactive Records

To have good record management it is important to control which records are needed and which are no longer essential for your database. Much like organizing and removing clutter from your home, this will make your database much more effective and easier to use.


Determining which records should be inactive will vary with each organization, depending on your culture, your members, and your specific needs.


A record might be considered inactive because:

  • Of Attendance - how long since you have marked this record as present?
  • Of Giving - is this a recent donor? If they have not given in two or three years should you still keep this record if they are not involved otherwise
  • Other Activity - on the Timeline, you can see giving, attendance, interactions, scheduling, and group membership. If this record has no activity on their timeline in two years, are they still active?

Using Mass Text Messaging (SMS) to
Keep in Contact During Challenging Times

2020 has been a challenging year for churches (and all of us). Because part of the mission of the church is community, it is important for us to "keep in touch" with our members. One simple and helpful way to do that is text messages. You could link to a webpage, give a brief update on rescheduled or upcoming events, contact those who need encouragement, or make connection with dozens of other types of messages.


If you are subscribed to ShelbyNext Membership or Arena, you likely have some credits for text messaging. Click the links below to find out more about setting this up and what your credit might be.


Find out more about texting members from Arena


Find out more about texting members from ShelbyNext Membership

Some Helpful Arena Tips

Did you know about these Arena features?


In the Administration section of Arena, there is a Navigation page called "Utilities". There are five excellent utilities for Arena clients to use.

Arena Hub

In addition to the Utilities, please set a reminder to check the Arena Hub monthly for new features. On a regular basis, current reports and modules are added and updated. When looking at the hub you might find modules that look like...

Tracking Families First Coronavirus
Response Act's Paid Salaries


New regulations now require COVID salary payment to be reported in box 14 on employee's Form W-2 2020. Click below for more details.

Handling Advanced Payments in Accounts Receivable

We know that things for daycare and school attendance are a bit uncertain as of this post.


But, yes, it just might be a good time for you to start thinking about revising your Accounts Receivables' procedures or adding AR to your set of ShelbyNext Financials applications to process your daycare/school billings.


This is not intended as a best practices post, but simply some ideas about how you might set up or tweak your current billing and collecting processes. So, here is a tip you might use if you receive advance payments.

MPower 2020 Update

In light of COVID-19, we've taken MPower online and registration is now open! This two-day Virtual Ministry Tech Conference, sponsored by Ministry Brands, will be held on October 13-14 (and only costs $99 for 2-day access).

  • Learn how to maximize technology to grow your ministry during unparalleled times
  • Choose from more than 60 classes ranging from how to use your church management system for engagement to strategies that increase recurring giving
  • Be inspired by keynote speakers, industry experts, product experts, and peers
  • Check out all the latest product releases for 2020 (and see what's on the horizon

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