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We hope that you enjoy reading our newsletter each month as we keep you "in the know" regarding our platforms and services. July's edition includes some tips that we hope help as you grow your ministry and minister to your congregation. 


In this month's newsletter we’ll cover: 

  • Upcoming Webinar: Service Planning & Volunteer Management with your ChMS!
  • The State of Shelby Systems: Q3 Webinar
  • 9-DOT added to ShelbyNext Membership, ShelbyNext Giving, & MinistryOne
  • Paperless Pledges
  • Free Release Details Webinar
  • ShelbyNext Membership Enhancements (i.e. split checks in contribution entry, relative dates for contribution reporting...)
  • Handling Unbudgeted Transaction Fees
  • It's not too early to order your Shelby Financial Tax Forms
  • Shelby Training Team is here to help!
  • Independence Day Holiday
  • MPower20

We are here to serve you as you serve in your ministry. Have a blessed day and enjoy the newsletter! 

Steve Pruitt 
General Manager, Shelby Systems 

Upcoming Webinar: Service Planning &
Volunteer Management with your ChMS!

If you haven't already activated your FREE WorshipPlanning Deluxe account, get started today. Then join us for a webinar on July 8th at 2pm ET for a product walkthrough and learn how to get the most out of this software, including:


  • Managing volunteer and service times
  • Having your team members accept assignments via text message
  • Adding slides and sheet music
  • Building out your order of worship

Register today!

The State of Shelby Systems: Q3 Webinar

Join us for our quarterly all-customer webinar, The State of Shelby Systems, on Thursday, July 16 at 2pm CT. General Manager, Steve Pruitt, and senior leadership from the Shelby team will share what's new, what we are working on now, and where we are headed next with Shelby Systems.


In this webinar, we will share:

  • Shelby's preparations for the future
  • Giving success stories
  • An update on MPower2020 User Conference
  • Product updates and new features
  • Our roadmap for future releases
  • And so much more!


All of your Shelby applications are getting easier to access with the introduction of the 9-DOT navigation. With the new quick link in the top right corner of the menu, you'll be able to navigate between Shelby products more easily. The 9-DOT also includes 'More Ways to Help Your Ministry' which displays additional solutions that could help your ministry.

Paperless Pledges

For many churches annual pledge season is just around the corner. What could it look like for your ministry to move to a more electronic pledge process? Reduce printing, eliminate filing, and maybe receive responses quicker while encouraging automated payments. Sound nice? You have options with ShelbyNext Giving, ShelbyNext Membership, and Arena.

Free Release Details Webinar


Join us on the second Tuesday every month at 2pm ET for our Release Details Webinar Series. Learn the latest features and functionality to your church management platform, provide feedback, and see what product enhancements are on the horizon.

ShelbyNext Membership Enhancements


Giving Input Made More Efficient 

A more efficient giving input process is now available. Additional functionality includes controlling entry defaults as well as making input quicker and simpler for checks that are split between giving categories. This is currently in beta release. Feel free to take it for a spin and provide us with feedback.


Click here to find out more


Relative Dates for Giving Reports


The new Relative Dates feature allows you to store 'custom' date ranges for future use. If you want a report that always shows the giving over the last 6 weeks or 2 years or...based on when you run it, then this will be a welcome addition.


Click here for more info

Reminders for Schedule Volunteers


Automatically remind volunteers of their commitments the day before their duties begin (or two days before, or each day for a week before the event). With schedule reminders, you can set as many reminders as needed for each event for each week.


Click here for more info

Handling Unbudgeted Transaction Fees
- Here's an Option

During the last few months most of us had to make a shift to online worship for a time, and with that many of your members continued their support by making their gifts through your online giving provider.


It costs money to process electronic payments. There is no way around that, but you can take steps to decrease the impact of those fees. Click below to learn more!

It's Not Too Early to Order
Your Shelby Financial Tax Forms

How do you feel about "to-do" lists? Do they help organize your tasks or just overwhelm you? Either way, crossing a task off your list gives you a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. Filing W-2's and 1099's probably isn't on your to-do list...yet. But those forms must be completed in such a tight window (by January 31), the sooner you get them off your mind, the better.


Shelby Financials provides these services! Shelby Financials provides customers with checks and W-2 paper forms that are guaranteed to work. We can also help you complete your form filing without ever printing a piece of paper or stuffing an envelope.



  • E-file to Federal Government (IRS/SSA)
  • E-file to your State Government (if applicable)
  • Print and Mail copies directly to your employees/recipients

There is a simple process integrated with your Shelby financial software that can be done in a matter of minutes and is more affordable than you think.

Don't let your year-end reporting linger. No paper, no envelopes, no hassle.


Visit NELCO for authorized ShelbyNext Financials compatible products.

Shelby Training Team is Here to Help!

Some of you still have a training credit while others may need to purchase training. Whichever the case, we want to remind you that the Shelby Training Team is here to help!


Most organizations only use a very small percentage of the functionality that exists within the Shelby products. There are a number of ways we can help your organization use the Shelby platforms to their fullest potential.


Learn to:

  • Use Forms to register individuals, by service date and time, for onsite Worship Services
  • Setup the free MinistryOne app, Calendar, Glance, Schedules, or any of the other features in ShelbyNext Membership
  • Find those who haven't attended or given and need to be removed from ShelbyNext
  • Or just ask questions about reporting and best practices for data entry

Or, you need to learn how to:

  • Use a new Financial application such as Purchase Management or Fixed Assets
  • Make changes to your Chart of Accounts before Budgeting season is upon you
  • Create Special Reports for a Consolidated Balance Sheet or Budgeted Financial Statement
  • Connect your ShelbyNext Online Giving to Membership to create automatic batches that can easily be synced to the Financials

We can go on and on with functionality within the program that might help your team save time and money. Whatever your training needs are, we're here to help.


Click here to see our different training options.

Shelby Systems Closed for Independence Day

Our offices will be closed Friday, July 3rd, in observation of Independence Day. We will reopen Monday, July 6th, at 7am CT.

MPower 2020 Update

Due to the recent events related to the Coronavirus, MPower20 has been tentatively re-scheduled for October 13-14. Given the uncertainties in the days ahead, MPower20 will be a virtual event for this year. Be on the lookout for more information.


Visit: mpowerconference.com

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