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Greetings and welcome to the first edition of the Shelby Systems Newsletter.  We hope that you will enjoy reading this newsletter each month as we try to keep you "in the know" regarding our platforms and services.  Our passion and purpose is to provide the technology that empowers your ministry and enables you to fulfill your mission.


We want this newsletter to provide helpful insights into various features of the software to help you get the most out of your stewardship, to inform you about new products and features that are designed to help your ministry grow, and to provide relevant industry information to enable your organization to thrive and succeed.   


We are here to serve you as you serve in your ministry. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if there is anything we can do to serve you better. 


Have a blessed day and enjoy the newsletter! 


Steve Pruitt 

General Manager, Shelby Systems

New IRS Form W-4 for 2020

The IRS has released Form W-4 2020 which went into effect January 1, 2020.


The new form must be used by those employees hired on and after January 1, 2020.

Loving = Giving

Throughout Scripture we can see a connection between love and giving.  How are you encouraging your givers to love, to connect their heart to their giving? As you share the opportunity to give, be sure you are sharing how your ministry/organization is loving your community.


Click here for a creative way to present giving opportunities with step by step directions for creating a cause driven giving form. 


Did you know the Financials can help you provide a clear picture of the organization’s stewardship and outreach?  


Learn more about the Functional Expense Report! 


Functional Expense Report Introduced - Learn More

Natural Classification List - Learn More

How to setup Functional Expense Report - Shelby Financial Help

Shelby Cares

Over 15 years ago, a Shelby employee connected our team with Orange Mound Outreach Ministries. As one of the only structured, faith-based organizations in the Orange Mound neighborhood of Memphis, the Directors Rev. Reginald J Tucker and his wife Mrs. Mary Tucker, provide much needed sanctuary and training for the youth of their neighborhood. Their purpose is to take back their children from drugs, gangs, alcohol, and violence in their area.

Every year Shelby employees raise funds and volunteer with this organization. At Christmas we were able to provide hoodies for every participant as well a donation toward the operating expenses of the organization.


Click below to learn more about Orange Mound Outreach Ministries (OMOM)!

ShelbyNext | Membership – Feature Highlight 

Topic: Query Search Multiplies the Power of the Advance Search 


Individuals > Search > Query Search: 

Query Search is a powerful new feature allowing multiple searches to be connected by AND/OR logic. It also improves the user experience when creating a search by allowing a user to only add the parameters they require. The ability to save and share Query Searches will be coming in a future release. Click below to learn more.

ShelbyNext Giving

The Most Comprehensive Online and Text Giving Solution for Your Church

ShelbyNext Giving provides kingdom-minded online giving solutions to churches, ministries, non-profit organizations and denominational headquarters. Maximize stewardship and reduce administration as you enjoy features such as:

  • Flexible giving options including credit, debit and & ACH
  • Flexible online giving options
  • Recurring online giving
  • Easy payment and reporting
  • Efficient and stress-free reconciliation
  • Timely funding
  • And so much more.

If you're a Shelby customer not using ShelbyNext Giving, you can bundle this with your current Shelby products for one monthly price. The Total Ministry Package makes it possible. Click below to get started with ShelbyNext Giving.

As a partner with Ministry Brands, Shelby invites all church leaders and staff to come together in St. Louis for a time of learning software skills and discovering solutions to advance your ministry goals.
During your time at MPower20, you'll have the opportunity to choose from nearly 200 classes, connect with like-minded church personnel, and hear from keynote speakers, worship leaders and Christian musicians. Plus, benefit from a sneak peek of the latest product releases for 2020!


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