Forms Manager NEW Partial Payments, Handling Your Group Promotions, New Worship Planning Software, Webinar Recordings & more!

We hope that you enjoy reading our newsletter each month as we keep you "in the know" regarding our platforms and services. The August edition includes some tips that we hope help you grow your ministry and minister to your congregation. 


In this month's newsletter we’ll cover: 

  • Keeping your Database Clean - Handling Duplicate Records
  • Forms Manager Now Supports Partial Payments
  • Getting the most out of our New Worship Planning software
  • The New Individual Attendance Report in ShelbyNext Membership
  • How to Handle Group Promotions
  • Protecting your Employees' Integrity with Accountability Policies
  • Quarterly State of Shelby Webinar Recording
  • Update on MPower20

We are here to serve you as you serve in your ministry. Have a blessed day and enjoy the newsletter! 

Steve Pruitt 
General Manager, Shelby Systems 

Database Cleanup – Duplicate Records


A quick google search on 'cleaning your church database' will produce many results, from spring cleaning checklists to help articles. Since maintaining a clean and concise database is so important, we thought ShelbyNews would be a great avenue for presenting tips for keeping your database clean. After all, your church database is only as good as the information you put into it.


This issue will help you address duplicate records.

Forms Manager Now Supports Partial Payments


Ever wished you or your members could set a total amount for a gift or registration, then make payments in ShelbyNext Giving? Well, now you can with our new feature, Partial Payments.


By enabling Partial Payments on a registration or giving form, you provide the option for the person to pay in installments.


Partial Payments allows you to:

  • Set a minimum due at time of submission
  • Choose to allow scheduled/automatic payments
  • Track payments towards totals
  • And more!

Getting the Most Out of Your
Church Planning Software

Our team shared some ways to help you get the most out of our new Worship Planning Solution that is included with your ShelbyNext Membership subscription at no additional charge. The replay is now available to watch again and share with the rest of your team!


Also, if you're not in charge of worship at your church, please send this to the staff member who is!

If you haven't already, be sure to activate your free Worship Planning Deluxe account to connect your accounts and synchronize your efforts to manage and plan your church services and events.

Individual Attendance Report

This is an anticipated report that allows the user to see attendance patterns over a time frame the user can control.


This can show attendance patterns for any activity on each of the weeks chosen in the time frame. The list can also be filtered by group, by campus, or other factors. It also exports nicely as a CSV file that can open in Excel.

How to Handle Group Promotions

Well, it is that time again to promote your classes up to a new grade as you begin a new year. This is a somewhat simple process. The key is to always promote from the highest grade level descending as you go, so that you empty out the new class before adding new folks to it. For details and a step-by-step walkthrough, click the link below.


ShelbyNext Membership:


How to Handle Class Promotions or Graduation




Promoting from Bulk Update

Protecting Your Employees' Integrity
by Adding Accountability Policies


Brotherhood Mutual has been tracking the rising trend of embezzlement within churches for a few years. Their latest report states that church fraud reached an estimated $68 million during the first six months of 2019. Compare that with the total missions expenditures, which was running about $60 billion for the same period. However, the trending church fraud amount only includes reported cases. Most church embezzlements go unreported.


Your church's policies, or better said lack of policies, might tempt employees to steal from the church's funds.


We believe that all churches should establish and set an environment where employees' integrity is protected. So, here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about adopting integrity protecting policies.

Quarterly State of Shelby Webinar Recording

Last week our leadership team shared what's new, what we are working on now, and where we are headed next with Shelby Systems during our Q3 State of Shelby Webinar.


If you missed the webinar, or if you would just like to re-watch or share with someone you think might be interested, click below to access the full webinar recording!

Also, click below to find additional helpful links from the webinar!

MPower 2020 Update

Due to the recent events related to the Coronavirus, MPower20 has been tentatively re-scheduled for October 13-14 as a virtual event. Be on the lookout for additional registration and event information in the next few weeks!



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