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Discount Report






The Discount Report allows you to print a list of discounts that have been applied.


This Help page contains the following sections:

Filters and Options




Filters and Options

On the Filters tab you have several options to narrow down your selections:


Invoice Date: Select the invoice date range from which you want to view discounts. Additional date filters may appear depending on what option you choose.


Revenue Centers



Bill To's


On the Options tab select how to Print Discounts:


Grouped by Customer: For each customer the total discount matching the selected filters displays.

Listed as Separate Invoices: For each customer the total discount matching the selected filters displays along with a breakdown of what makes up that total including the Invoice # and Date of the discount.


You can also select to Print Customer Address.




Click the Run Report button to display a preview of your Discount Report. You may also click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their initial values. Once the preview displays you can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print. Click Report Preferences on the blue bar above the report preview to return to Report Preferences.


Click the Close Report button to return to the Accounts Receivable dashboard.


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