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The Vendor List report allows you to print a full or summary list of vendor information.


This Help page contains the following sections:

Report Options




Report Options

You can customize the Report Name if you wish. Select the Report Type:


Full List: The full list report displays the following information for each vendor: Name, Address, Contact, Product Line, Approval, Phone Number, Terms, Account Number, and 1099 status.

Summary List: The summary report displays a list of vendor names.


For Report Options you can select to run the Vendor List report for All Vendors or 1099 Vendors Only.




Click the Run Report button to display a preview of your Vendor List report. For each vendor there are columns for Name, Address, ID, and Paid. You may also click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their initial values. Once the preview displays you can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print. Click Report Preferences on the blue bar above the report preview to return to Report Preferences.


Click the Close Report button to return to the main Accounts Payable page.



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