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Export Pledges


Headquarter offices that use the Shelby Financials Remittance application and need to update a denominational report by adding data from existing transactions to an Excel spreadsheet will find this function easy to use.  While the application was created at the request of several United Methodist Annual Conference offices, it is used by other organizations that record transactions in Remittance. 

Export Remittance Activity to Spreadsheet

Enter the spreadsheet column letter for the Column that contains the reporting church's unique identifying number.  Enter the row number for the Row that contains the column descriptions.  Continue and select an Activity as well as the Column that needs updating with the selected Activity code values.  Select each activity and data location as needed in the export.  Proceed by clicking the Export to Xlsx File button.  The program will then create a new copy of the existing spreadsheet with the newly imported activity values.

1.          Open the Excel spreadsheet that you will be modifying.

Note the Row, which contains the column titles and put that number in the Activity ID Row.  In the screen-shot below, the Row is 2.

2.          Enter the required information.

Begin Date:

End Date:

Church ID Column: (e.g., A)

Activity ID Row: (e.g., 2)

Choose XLSX file: This is the file provided by GCFA.

3.          Click the Continue button.

Add New Mapping

1.          Click Add New Mapping.

Note the three fields on the selection screen as shown below.

2.          Choose an Activity from the drop-down list.

3.          Choose a Mapped Column from the drop-down list where the selected Activity values should post.

4.          Specify the Percent. This is the percent of the total amount received by the conference by the church.

Repeat for each activity you want to update in the spreadsheet.

5.          Click Export To Xlsx File. This leaves the original spreadsheet in tact and creates an updated copy for the dates selected.