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Applications > General Ledger > Utilities > Import Expensify > Map Expensify Categories





Map Expensify Categories to Expense Accounts

1.          Navigate to General Ledger > Utilities > Import Expensify.

If no categories are mapped or there are mapping errors, you will be automatically redirected to the “Category Information” page. Otherwise, you will land on the “Import Expensify” page where you can click the “Add Category Information” link.


2.          Select Group Workspace.

Select Category.

Select Bank Account

Select Fund (available depending on how your chart of accounts is set-up.) 

Select Dept (available depending on how your chart of accounts is set-up.)

Select an Expense Account #.

3.          Click the Add Mapping button to add the mapping to the grid.

You need to do this for all your Expensify categories.

NOTE: If you need to edit a mapping that is incorrect, select the Group Workspace, Category, Bank Account, and Expense Account #, and then click the Add Mapping button to update it.