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Functional Expense Report

The Statement of Functional Expense report presents a spreadsheet type view of expense activities shown by function (programs, general management, and fund raising) displayed in columns while the rows provide a view by the type, or nature, of the expense (compensation, depreciation, maintenance, and so forth). 

NOTE: This report shows activity between the first Period of the selected Fiscal Year and the selected Period in Current Financial Settings (top right).

See Modify > Functional Expense Report to setup and configure the information for the report.


Enter the Report Title Line 1 (e.g., Statement of Functional Expense).  Enter the Report Title Line 2 (e.g., Company 100 - NW).  Enter the Report Title Line 1 (e.g., Thru period January in fiscal year 2018). 

Choose the Format from the drop-down (Report showing all columns with subtotals and grand totals).

Click the Run Report button to generate a preview of the report.

Click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their default values.