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Reverse/Copy Posted Transactions

The Reverse Copy utility allows you to both reverse or copy a posted Bank Account Management transaction. This is helpful when you have posted an incorrect transaction (Reverse) or if you want to copy a large transaction as a template for a new transaction (Copy).

Date of Transaction: Enter the transaction date that you would like to "Reverse" or "Copy"and then press the Tab key. Or, use the Calendar  icon to select a date.

NOTE: Only transactions entered in Bank Account Management appear on the Reverse Copy page. (Items that were created from sub-ledger journals are not available to Reverse or Copy.)

After selecting a date, the transaction grid displays any transactions for the specified date.

Click the Expand  icon to view the details for a transaction.

Click the Collapse  icon to hide the details for a transaction.

Click the Reverse  icon to reverse a transaction.

Click the Copy  icon to copy a transaction.


The Date of the Reversed or Copied Transaction


When a transaction is reversed or copied, the new transaction can be found on the Manage > Transactions page and is assigned the date of the original transaction.