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Consolidation Configuration

This utility is only available to those that have purchased the GL Plus add-on for General Ledger and are Self-Hosted. It provides consolidated reporting that spans across all companies. The consolidated amounts can be seen on reports that pull information from the summary tables, so reports that display detailed journal information (e.g., Detail Ledger, Journal History, Project Register, etc.) will not work. Also, reports will display all accounts regardless of account structure differences between the companies.

Because of the need to access SQL for the creation of the scheduled job, users will receive a prompt asking for a SQL Server User Name and Password each time they access this page. The SQL Login must use “SQL Server authentication” and have the “sysadmin” server role (e.g., “sa”):

The Enable Company Consolidation option enables or disables the SQL Job. When unchecked, it will still create the SQL Job, but the job will not run. The SQL Job appears in SQL Server Management Studio under SQL Server Agent with a name that begins with “CombineCompanyJob…” In addition to the SQL Job running on a schedule, it can be run manually, if desired.

Next, you will set the schedule for the SQL Job by selecting how often the data should be consolidated:

Occurs (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly)

Recurs Every (xx Days, xx Weeks, or xx Months)

Recurs At (xx:xx AM/PM)

The Clear and recreate before combining option deletes fiscal years greater than or equal to the Begin Date before consolidating the data. Leaving the box unchecked will consolidate the data without deleting fiscal years.

The Combine to Company is the destination company that receives the consolidated data. This company needs to be a blank/empty company with no journal activity or bank accounts in Bank Account Management. Select an Organization and Company to be the destination company to receive the consolidated data. The job will consolidate all data in fiscal years greater than or equal to the Begin Date.

Select the Organizations and Companies in the Pull From Companies area to be consolidated into the destination company above.

Clicking the Update button creates the SQL Job under SQL Server Agent in SQL Server Management Studio. SQL Server Agent must be running for the data to be consolidated.

To view the consolidated amounts, select the destination company (“Combine to Company”) in Current Financial Settings, and then run your General Ledger reports.