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Payroll allows you to manage all aspects of your payroll. It provides gross wage computation, calculates all necessary taxes, determines voluntary deductions, prints payroll checks for employees, and accumulates necessary totals for monthly, quarterly, and annual government and management reporting.


Features and Benefits:


Built-in federal, state, and local tax tables

Data tracked: salary amounts, hourly rates, rates for tax calculations, voluntary deductions, unemployment and worker's compensation rates

Minister designations allow taxable/non-taxable compensation

Any combination of pay cycles

Compensation entered by annual or periodic rates; uneven splits handled by rounding difference in the first check of the year

Integrates with General Ledger

Provision for various types of time off hours

Assures employees that earnings are both accurate and secure


We have used the term "minister" in Payroll, which has the same meaning as "clergy".


Need legal questions answered? Below is an excellent resource for a comprehensive and authoritative tax guide for both churches and clergy.


Church Law & Tax Report


Church & Clergy Tax Guide (new edition each year)


by Richard R. Hammar, J.D., LL. M., CPA


Church Law & Tax Report is a bi-monthly publication.


Church & Clergy Tax Guide is a book with a new edition updated annually.


These are published by: Christian Ministry Resources


Order by calling: 1-800-222-1840 (8 a.m. - 4:30 a.m. ET)


Also visit Institute of Church Leadership at www.churchlawandtax.com



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