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Inactivate or Renew an Account

The Inactivate or Renew an Account utility allows you to inactivate or renew accounts that have matured, after interest deposits have been posted, according to the account type settings.  If you have no mature accounts that need to be inactivated or renewed you are prompted that there are no accounts on which to run the utility and returned to the main Deposits on Hand page.

If you have mature accounts a report preview displays with the following columns: Account, Name, Renewed, and Ending Amount. If the account is being renewed the Renewed column displays the new Inception Date. Final Totals are also displayed.

Click the Finalize Inactivate/Renew button to generate a final withdrawal for any accounts being inactivated and renew any accounts being renewed. If you do not wish to inactivate or renew the accounts, click the Cancel link to return to the main Deposits on Hand page.