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Move Account Structure

The Move Account Structure utility allows you to move account structure levels within your chart of accounts. Select the level you wish to move using the drop-down lists on the left side. On the right side, select where to move the level. If you do not want to move that level, select Don't Move from the drop-down list on the right. You can move all levels but the top-most level in both the balance sheet and budgeted areas.





In the above example we are moving the Youth Trips Department from the Youth Ministry Cost Center to the Operations Cost Center. If we instead select a different location from the To Location drop-down list, we are moving the Youth Ministry Cost Center to a different Location. In this case, all levels below it automatically move with it. Because Fund and Location are the top levels for the balance sheet and budgeted areas of our account structure, we cannot move them.


Other things to note are that you cannot move Cost Center 0 to a new Location as it contains the balance sheet accounts for the Location from which you are trying to move it. If you attempt to do this you are not able to complete the process and an exception prints on the report. You also cannot move an individual Department to a different Location. You can move a Department to a different Cost Center.


Note: If you are only using Funds and Departments you are not able to access the Move Account Structure utility as there is nothing you can move. Your account structure must use at least Fund Groups or Cost Centers in order to use this utility.


Once you have made your selection, click the Move button to display the Move Account Structure report. This report displays all of the levels and accounts that are being moved. Review this report and then click the Continue Move button to continue the process.


If the account number you are attempting to move already exists in the new location, the Continue Move button does not display and no accounts are moved. In addition, the following message displays by the Cancel link:


The current selection includes either a level or an account number that already exists in the destination level. Please renumber the level/account before continuing by going to Account Structure. No accounts are moved at this time. Click Cancel to return to the Move Account Structure Utility.


Click the Account Structure link if you wish to modify your account structure (More Information).


Click the Yes button when prompted to finalize the move and return to the main General Ledger page or the No button to cancel the move.


There is no 'Undo' feature for this utility. Make sure you keep a copy of the Move Account Structure report in case you need to revert your changes by running the utility again.