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The Archive utility allows you to archive General Ledger source documents as well as attachments from Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Purchasing Management. The archiving process lets you download a zip file of the items you are archiving. Once archived, these items are removed from your database.

Select the From Date and To Date from which you wish to archive. You can then select which Items To Archive, which also determines the searching parameters of the date range:

Journal Source Documents: This searches the Journal Date.

AP Transaction Attachments: This searches the Transaction Date.

AR Invoice Attachments: This searches the Invoice Date.

Purchasing Management Attachments: This searches the Date Issued.

Click the Archive button to begin the procedure or the Cancel link to return to the dashboard. You are prompted as to how many items are in the date range that you have selected. Click the Yes button to more forward or the No link to cancel.

When prompted to download the zip file, save it to a location of your choosing. After it has been downloaded, confirm that it contains the proper information. The zip file contains your attachments or source documents in addition to a identifying text file containing a code. For reference purposes, we advise you do not delete this file.

Once you have confirmed that your files downloaded properly, click Finish to remove/archive the items from your database or the Cancel link to leave the items in your database.