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Aging Period Summary

The Aging Period Summary report allows you to print total charges and receipts from outstanding invoices within the date range or period selected. The report displays all Bill To records with Accounts Receivable invoice history.


Filters and Options


On the Filters tab select to Summarize for Date Range or Period. If you select Period you can select which fiscal year and period for which you want to view your report. If you select Date Range you can select the range from which you want to view your report. Additional date filters may appear depending on what option you choose.

You can also select an option to Exclude Bill To's with Zero Balances. You have several additional options to narrow down your selections:

Bill To's

Revenue Centers


Divisions: There is a filter for each division you have set up in Preferences.

On the Options tab select if you want to Print Bill To Address and Phone or Print Customer Number.

For each Bill To there is a row containing the following columns:

Previous Balance: This column includes open invoices with invoice dates before the date range of the report. If you are selecting to summarize by period then open invoices posted to a period before the selected period are included in this column.

Charges: All Invoices within the date range or selected period are included in this column when they match other filters in report preferences.

Receipts: All Payments within the date range or selected period are included in this column.

Ending Balance: A calculation of the previous three columns: [Previous Balance] + [Charges] - [Receipts].

NOTE: Miscellaneous Cash payments do not show on this report. All Unapplied Cash payments that are less than or equal to the end date or the selected period display on a separate row, right below the Bill To.

Click the Run Report button to generate a preview of the report.

Click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their default values.

Click the Close Report button to return to the dashboard.

The report displays on the Report Preview page. Refer to the Report Preview help page for more information.