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Recurring Payments > Preview

The Accounts Payable Recurring Payments Edit List report allows you to view a report of selected recurring payments. For each transaction all detail is displayed along with totals for selected transactions. Click Report Preferences on the blue bar above the report preview to access options for the report:

Print Notes

Print Setup Information

Print Project Information

Print Recap By Account

Print Recap by Project

You can then customize the sort order on the report by dragging options horizontally between Available Options and Selected Options. You can also drag options vertically to re-order the Selected Options column. We recommend you drag items between the columns rather than using the ">>" and "<<" buttons since those buttons move all items.

If you have changed the selected options click the Run Report button to display  an updated report preview. You may also click the Clear Preferences link to reset all of your report preferences to their initial values. Once the preview displays you can navigate the pages, export to several formats (e.g., PDF, Excel, Word), and Print. Click Report Preferences on the blue bar above the report preview to return to Report Preferences. Click the Close Report button when finished to return to the Recurring Payments page.