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Create New Time Off Starting Date

The Create New Time Off Starting Date Utility allows you to add a new time off starting date to all employees. This would typically be done at the beginning of the year, but can be done at any time. Select the New Date for Time Off and then make your selection for each of the Time Off Hour types:

Make Available = Remaining: This is normally used if your organization accrues this Time Off Hours type and wants the hours remaining to roll over to the new date.

Make Available = Maximum: Use this option if the Time Off Hours Available is a fixed number of hours and not accrued. In this situation the Maximum should be the same as the hours allowed. This makes it easy to reset the Available hours for the new date. This option does not carry any hours over to the new date.

Make Available = Maximum + Remaining: Use this option to make the Available hours equal to the Maximum hours plus any unused hours. This would usually only apply if you are not accruing this Time Off Hours type.

Clear Available: Use this option if employees accrue this Time Off Hours type per pay or per hour and the hours do not carry over from the previous date.

Click the OK button to create the new Time Off Starting Date or the Cancel link to return to the main Payroll page without creating the new date.