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Deduction Information > Update

Deduction Information - Update allows you to add or edit a deduction record.


When editing a default template you may not be able to change some options.


Enter a Description for the deduction and then select the Box # on W2. See your Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service Instructions for Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement for more information. If you select Box 12 select the appropriate Box 12 Code.

Select which taxes the deduction is subject to:

Subject to Federal Withholding

Subject to Social Security and Medicare

Subject to State Withholding

Subject to County Withholding

Subject to Local Withholding

Click the Edit  icon or double-click an existing distribution to edit or click Add New Distribution. Enter the Name of the distribution.

Specify the levels and Liability Account # for interfacing with General Ledger. You can also specify a Matching Expense Account.

NOTE: When using a Matching Expense Account, the employer matching dollars or percent specified on the Employee Information page - Deductions tab will not be processed unless Box 10 or 12 is specified on the Box # on W2 field on the Deduction Information page.

Click the Apply button to save the distribution and begin adding another, the OK button to save the distribution and return to the Update page, or the Close link to return to the Update page without saving.

NOTE: You can search any General Ledger level or Account field by clicking the Search  icon or pressing "s" to display the Search window. There is an option for Show Inactive and you can use the filter to search. Double-click or select your level or account and click the Select button. The Close link returns you to the previous page without saving changes.

When you are finished editing the deduction click the Update button to save all changes, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the deduction was updated, or the Cancel link to return to Deduction Information without saving changes.