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Email Configuration

The Email Configuration utility allows you to set up SMTP information so that you can email payroll vouchers to employees. The voucher is attached to the email message as a secured PDF file. The password is the last few digits of the social security number (for individuals) or federal ID number (for organizations).

Suggested SMTP Settings


SMTP Server



Encryption Protocol






Office 365











Your IT department should be able to provide the further assistance if needed. 


Configure the following fields:

SMTP Server: Enter the name of your mail server or your Internet Service Provider (ISP) mail server.

Port: Enter the port your SMTP server uses.

Timeout: The default timeout when this field is left blank is 20 seconds.

Use SSL/TLS Encryption: If this box is checked use the SSL Log Path field to specify the location of the SSL log.

SSL Log Path:  Specify the location of the encryption log file if the Use SSL/TLS Encryption box above is checked.

Batch Size: This setting determines how many emails are sent to the mail server in each batch.

Pause Duration: This setting determines how long (in seconds) the program pauses between sending each batch of emails to the mail server.

Username:  This is your SMTP Username.

Password:  - This is your SMTP Password.

Email Log Path:

Send Exception: If this box is checked use the Exception Recipient field specify an email address to which the system sends any exceptions. No exception notifications are sent if the Exception Recipient field is unpopulated.

Exception Recipient - Use in conjunction with the Send Exception option. Any exceptions that occur when sending email from the program cause the email address in this field to be notified.

Send ALERT - If this box is checked the system notifies Support of any exceptions.

Organization Email - Enter the from and return address for the emails sent from the program.

Organization Email Name - Enter your organization name or other name for the emails sent from the program.


The Username and Password fields auto-populate if you are using Google Chrome and choose to save your passwords on the site.


You can test your email configuration using the Send Test Email area. Enter an Email Address in the field provided and click Send Test Email. The system then attempts to send you an email message informing you that your configuration is working.

Click the Update button to save your changes, the Reset link to undo all changes since the last time the Email Configuration utility was updated and the Cancel link to return to the main Financials screen.