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Online Volunteer Opportunities


The Volunteer Opportunities page allows visitors to browse and register for a volunteer position (Serving Tag) and email the Tag Owner(s) to notify of the prospective volunteer. This can minimize the work of staff and make your membership more aware of the opportunities to serve.

In addition to customizing the four pages/modules, use the below checklist to configure this feature:

Verify desired Serving Tags are created.

Start the Process Critical Serving Agent.

Customize the Serving Opportunities and Volunteer Signup System Emails.

Customize the Content Category, Weekly Commitment, Timeframe, Type and Duration Lookups. All Lookups are filters to assist the prospective volunteers in the search for the best-fit position.

Customize the Critical Profile Days and Warning Profile Days Organization Setting. These settings automatically categorize prospective volunteers as critical when their tag status is not changed by the specified days.

This feature requires five pages.

The Volunteer Opportunities page is the primary page prospective volunteers filter the search by category, weekly commitment, timeframe, type and duration. This page requires the Serving Opportunity Search module with the Volunteer Details and Volunteer Results pages selected. Use the optional Content Category module setting to specify tags to display based on content for situations where you want to display specific volunteer positions on different pages.

Volunteer Results page – This page displays all available serving opportunities (tags) that meet the selected criteria from the search page. This page requires the Serving Opportunity Search module.

Volunteer Details page – When a prospective volunteer selects a serving opportunity from the results page, Arena redirects the person to the Volunteer Details page where they can review the position details, experience level (requirements), schedule, and contact information. The prospective volunteer has the option to Join the Team or Get More Information.

Add Tag Member page – Once a prospective volunteer selects a serving position, they can complete the registration page. This page requires the Profile Member Add module with a default Source and default Status selected, both of which apply to all people joining the tag from this page. The option makes Volunteer Opportunities available in front of the Member Login with the option to login.

When the prospective volunteer completes the registration form, the record is added to Arena with the Pending Record Status, and the specified Tag Status. If configured, Arena sends an email notification to the Tag Owner of the prospective owner.