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Online Giving


Many of your members may want to contribute to your organization online either via a single payment or a repeating payment. Contributors can create a member login and then proceed to contribute as well as view contribution history and repeating payment profiles. You can optionally configure to bypass the member login. Keep in mind the screens vary by organization and payment gateway.

In conjunction with customizing the four required pages, use the below checklist to configure this feature:

Add Payment Gateway account(s) to Arena. It is common practice to add one account for credit card transactions and another account for bank account transactions.

Start the Historical Contributions Agent.

Customize the Online Giving Contribution and Online Giving Rejected Contribution System Emails.

Customize the Giving Batch Name Organization Setting.

Be sure the desired Funds are set to be available on the Fund Management page. In order for funds to be available for online giving, each fund must be active, have an online name and the date range for the fund much be current.

Automatically Assigning SubDonors


If you are using SubDonors and want to set the default SubDonor to a specific individual, this can be done under the Administration tools.


From the Administration menu, select the Pages option. Navigate to the Give Online folder (Members Responsive > Homepage > Give > Give Online). Select the Main Content tab and then click the Online Giving link. Scroll down to the Unassociated SubDonor ID field and enter the default ID number. Click the Update button when you are finished.



Arena Online Giving requires four pages that are already available. Review and customize each module. Arena uses a step-by-step wizard for members to confirm their personal information and/add or monitor online contributions. It is suggested to force SSL for online giving pages.

Members use the Online Giving page to process one time and repeating payments. This page requires the Online Giving module where you specify the ACH and credit payment gateways. This module has several settings such as the option to specify specific funds to make available, whether to allow one time and/or repeating payments, and to display honorariums. (This page should be located in a secure section of your website and should be visible in navigation. The Admin Mode for the Repeating Payment module should be set to false, unless using it on an admin external portal. If set to true, all giving displays and not just for the current user.)

Contributors have the option to make a one time gift or create a repeating payment. When repeating payment is selected, the screen refreshes where the contributor can select when to start the repeating payment and the frequency. One time gifts are processed immediately and repeating payments begin on the day specified. Batches are automatically created and available on the Contributions menu under the Batch List option. Maximum contributions amount allowed is $2,147,483,647.00.


Advise contributors to NOT click the browser back button while completing the contribution. This action could result in duplicate payments.

The My Repeating Payment page displays members repeating payment profile(s). This page should be located as a child page of your Online Giving page and should be visible in navigation. It uses the My Repeating Payments module with your Online Giving page selected as the Repeating Payment Wizard setting and Admin mode set to False. Set the ACH Payment Gateway and CC Payment Gateway module settings. Profile Name is used for repeating payments and does not print on default statements.

The person can edit or delete the repeating payment profile. Not all payment gateways allow editing. They require the contributor to delete the existing repeating payment profile and create a new repeating payment profile.

If a contributor changes their email address attached to the repeating payment profile, the contributor needs to delete the repeating payment profile and create a new one with the new email address.

Contributor can then select payment method. Payment method options are Credit Card and Bank Account (ACH).

If Bank Account is selected, the contributor enters bank information.

Contributor verifies contribution.

If using a credit card enter the card information.

Once complete, a confirmation window displays. 

The My Contributions page displays historical contributions for the current contributor. This page requires the contribution list module that has several module settings such as the number of years of history to display. 

Contributors can select the number of transactions to display and click the Additional Details link to display individual transaction details.

The Contribution Detail page displays individual transaction details. This page requires the Contribution Detail module.

Once the online contribution is complete, your contributor receives a confirmation email based on the Online Giving Contribution System Email.