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Page Structure


The page structure is how Arena defines the layout and navigation of your website. It is frequently referred to as a page tree because it uses a hierarchy-type structure consisting of parent pages with one or more child pages, which can be parent pages as well.

While the scope of this section does not include the specific details of the design of your website, you should consider specific factors designing your website. We highly advise that you create the entire page structure for each section before adding the associated modules, as some module settings may require the existence of other pages.

Home is Portal 1 used by staff on a daily basis

Mobile Pages is Portal 3 used by staff via smart phones

Kiosk Root is an optional portal to process contributions using a card swipe device.

Web Pages is Portal 2 used by members via a browser

All Arena default portals have the basic and necessary pages and modules for basic features. Therefore, before you add new pages, you and your web team should review the existing pages, templates, CSS and modules before customizing or adding new objects. Let’s first cover some page fundamentals.