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Making Your Website Public


The first step to developing an Arena-managed website is to make sure it is accessible to visitors and members of your organization on the Internet. This involves:

Registering a domain name for your site and configuring it with your Domain Name System (DNS) server to route users to the correct server on your network.

Open the correct ports in your firewall for the site.

Configure Internet Information Services (IIS) on your server to properly route web-traffic. You can configure multiple Arena portals to work with the same IIS website. You must enter each unique host in the host headers for this site and enter the proper Default Host values in the portals.

Configure the Host Headers in your IIS website to route the proper domain names to your Arena-managed website.

Configure your portal in Arena to direct users to the correct pages for your website. Your network administrator likely completes the majority of these tasks.

Network Administrators need to complete the following steps before you create and configure your Arena portals:

Register a unique host name with a DNS registry service and configure it to point to the IP address of your web server.

Open the required ports in your firewall (typically port 80 for HTTP and/or port 443 for SSL).

Add a host header on your IIS website for each unique host name that you plan to use for Arena.

(For self-hosted environments, to test external access, you can run a ping test from the outside to verify. If it does not return the correct IP then the Firewall is not configured to route the traffic to the internal server.)