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API Applications


API integration is available for customers that have an Arena Developer license. Click the API Documentation link on this page to access more information regarding Arena API settings, obtaining sessions, calculating a signature, and endpoints. You can access the documentation via URL such as http://arena/api.svc/help.

Review and adjust accordingly the API Organization Settings listed below:

API Enabled – Set this value to “True” to use API functionality.

API Enforce Person Field Security – Set this to “True” to enforce field level security when using REST API.

API Test Mode Enabled – Enter a valid login to use for testing.

API URL – This organization should contain the API URL for your organization.

Application Name – This is the name of the API application.

API Key – This is the key for the API application.

API Secret – This is the secret key for the application.

Active – The Check Mark  icon indicates the API application is active.

Security – Use the Arena security key to adjust security. Users need at least View rights.

Click the Add New Application  icon to add an API application.