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Relationship Types


Use Relationship Types to identify relationships outside of the immediate family such as grandparents, adult siblings, adult child/parent, step parent/step child, deceased family spouse/living spouse, etc. You can even identify non-family members such as people approved to pick up and drop off children. There are no default relationship types, which provide you the opportunity to design all relationship types to fit your organization.

As you evaluate the types of relationship types to create for your organization, below are some factors to consider:

Every relationship requires a reciprocal relationship (e.g., grandparent/grandchild, sibling/sibling, non-custodial parent/non-custodial child, foster parent/foster child, etc.)

If you plan to use Arena Check-In, consider creating a “Can CheckIn” relationship type to identify records outside of the immediate family who can checkin (or check out) the designated child. "Can checkin" is case insensitive and does not require quotes. The Relationship Type could be a standalone Relationship Type or one that includes the required text. Be sure to create a reciprocal relationship type such as cannot checkin.

To avoid possible duplication, consider not using gender specific relationship types such as grandfather/grandchild.