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Campaign Administration


Use this page to setup and administer calling campaigns. Once you create a campaign, users can execute the campaign either from Arena-internal or from your organization’s Arena-managed website.

Create a New Campaign

1.          From the Administration menu, click the Campaign Administration option located under the ADMIN heading.

2.          Click the Add link.

3.          Click the Edit  icon to edit this campaign.

4.          Complete all Campaign information.

Name – Enter a name for this Campaign.

Description – Enter a description for this Campaign.

Campaign Manager – Select the person who is the Campaign Manager for this campaign.

Active – Check this box to indicate if this campaign is active. 

5.          Click the Update  icon. Once a campaign exists, the list displays the Campaign Name, Description, Active Status, Edit  icon and Delete  icon. Click the Edit icon to change any of these fields. (Users can add existing records to active campaigns using Person Bulk Update.)

6.          From the Campaign Administrator page, users with security permissions can select the Campaign Name link to display the current statistics and process administrator notes entered during the calling campaign.