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Agent Configuration Utility


The Arena Automation Agents handle features such as email, Active Directory synchronization, and Metric Processing. The Agent Configuration utility manages the detailed settings of each Worker in the Arena Automation Agent service. It enables an administrator to quickly set or modify the worker settings, designate schedules in which workers can operate and specify notification preferences. If the service does not start or the expected data changes do not occur, check the Event Viewer on the Web Server for possible causes.

Some agents work in conjunction with specific systems emails. Agents should be scheduled to run when the backup is not running. If an agent is scheduled to run when the backup is running, it can cause the agent to stop running and you have to manually start each agent that was stopped. Once you evaluate the Arena implementation plan for your organization, refer to the Agent section for starting the agents. (At installation, no Agents are scheduled to run.)

You can access all agents in the ~Program Files/Arena ChMS/Arena Automation Agents/AgentConfiguration folder located on the web server. The Arena Automation Agent should be set to start automatically.

Depending on your environment, you may need to launch Agent Configuration as an administrator.

The interface contains five major areas for each agent: Agent Jobs, Agent Service, Worker Settings, Schedules, and Notifications.

The Agent Service shows the status of the selected Arena Automation Agent. From this page, you can start and stop the service in order to implement changes. Click the Add button to add an agent or click the Remove button to remove an agent.