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An Organization is the Organization Entity itself. This page displays the settings for the Arena application such as SMTP Server information, Report Services URL, and various user names. These settings work in tandem with settings in the web.config file, located within the Arena installation folder on the Web Server, to make Arena function properly. Many of the values are set during the installation process but it is always a good idea to be familiar with the available settings. New Arena installs do not require you to require new Keys.


Update Organization Details

1.          From the Administration menu, click the Organizations option located under the CONFIGURE heading.

2.          Select the Organization.

3.          Click the Edit button. The Code is the license number, which is not editable.

4.          Update the fields.

Name: Update the organization name, as desired.

Leader: Click the Change link to search and select records the leader. Click the Remove link to remove the current Leader.

Address: Update the address of the main location for the organization.

URL: Update the URL for the organization. This should be the Arena URL for your organization and should be the same as the Application URL Path and Public URL setting in the web.config file.

Notes: Enter notes for this organization.

5.          Click the Next button.


Organization Settings

Now you are ready to review and customize Organization Settings. Organization Settings are both system settings and feature specific settings. To view the settings and their values, click the Organization Name link. Settings are listed in alphabetical order and grouped by Category. Many settings are preset with default values while others are not set. It is recommended to review all settings, especially those that are pertinent to the features your organization is using.

Setting: This is the name of the Key such as “SMTP Server.”

Category: This option allows for grouping of the various Keys. The various Categories are setup as a Lookup.

Description: This is the description of the Key such as “Mail server name.”

Value: This is the actual Key setting, such as “Mailserver” or True/False. As you customize organization settings, be aware of default value formats (e.g., true/false, numeric, email, etc.)

For example, you may want to customize your Exception messages by changing the standard message and title. Those settings are controlled by the ExceptionMessage and ExceptionTitle settings.



Click the ExceptionMessage link to make changes to the standard exception message. Click the Update button when you are finished.



Click the ExceptionTitle link to make changes to the standard exception title. Click the Update button when you are finished.




The ExceptionViewDetailsRoles setting can be used to limit which security roles can see the full exception details.


Adding an Organization Setting

On occasion, you need to add organization settings. Follow the below steps to add an organization setting.

1.          On the Organization Settings page, click the Add New Organization Setting  icon.

2.          Complete all fields.

Key: Enter the value key for the new organization setting.

Description: Enter a description for the new organization setting.

Category: Select a category for the new organization setting. You can customize the available values in the Organization Setting Categories Lookup.

Value: Enter the value for the new organization setting.

3.          Click the Update button.

4.          Refresh Cache.