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Self-Hosted Updates


Updates are available on the Shelby Community/Arena/Downloads page for self-hosted environments. Subscribe to the Arena Announcement thread to receive emails when there is a new release or update. Follow the steps below to install updates. (If your organization has an Arena Sandbox, install a test update on the Sandbox prior to installing on Arena Production.)

Install Updates

1.          Verify there are no active users.

2.          Login to Arena.

3.          Verify your installation. Click the About  icon in the top right corner of the Arena home page to verify your Arena installation. The results confirm website files and the database in the pop-up windows. Changes made to Arena core display below the verify box so you are aware of areas the update may effect.

4.          Make a backup of your database. You might consider backing up the ArenaChMS folder on the web including the web.config file and the Arena Shelby v.5 sync.exe.config file if you are running the Arena Shelby v.5sync.

5.          Stop Automation Agents.

6.          Download the update. Some releases may require installing a patch or update so be sure to check for any prerequisite updates.

7.          Install the release.

8.          Log into Arena and verify. If your organization uses Arena Mailing, you also need to update Shelby Mailroom. Install this on your Arena server when users are not on the database.