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New Portals


You can elect to add additional portals. Follow the below steps to add a portal

1.          From the Administration menu, click the Portal List option located under the WEBSITE heading. Click the Add New Portal  icon to bring up the Portal Details view. Do not be concerned with the Portal ID being “-1” at first, as this is simply the default displayed since it has not yet been assigned an ID value.

2.          Complete the Portal Name, Title, Description and Notes fields.

3.          Select the Default Page ID as the homepage you’ve created in the Pages area of Administration, and the Login Page ID as the User Login page in the same page tree.

4.          Enter the Default Domain as the domain name that users will be using to access this portal which cannot be the same as any other portal’s Default Domain value.

5.          Select your Authentication type.

6.          Click the Update button to finish. At creation, new portals have security rights for the All Users role to View the portal, which is the only required security setting.