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The Location page is where you create and edit a campus, building or room where people check in such as Room 100 in the Fellowship Building on the Main Campus. If the goal for your organization is to allow members to check-in at any location for the main campus, you can create one location for Main Campus. In this scenario, Arena creates one occurrence but members can check-in at any kiosk. 

Create a New Location

1.          From the Check-In menu, click the Locations option.

2.          Click the Add link or click the Add New Location  icon if there are existing locations. 

3.          Enter all desired fields.

Name (Required) – Enter the name for this location such as Main Campus.

Campus (Optional) – Select a campus, if using multiple campuses. (From the Administration menu, select Organization under the <CONFIGURE> heading. Click on the Organization link listed under the Organization Name column. Next, click the Campuses tab to view the list of campuses. Click the Add New Campus  icon to add a new campus.)

Building Name (Optional) – Click the Add Building  icon to add a building, if desired. When you add a new building, it is available for other locations.

Room Closed (Optional) – Select this check box to close a room. You can also close a room from the Check-In Management page.

Maximum People (Optional) – Enter the number of people you want to allow to check into this location. If using room ratios, an occurrence with the location automatically closes when the maximum people check-in. You can set this value to “0” for no maximum.

Attendance Type (Required) – Select Attendance Type(s) you want to associate with the Location. All active Attendance Type are available. You must select at least one Attendance Type.

4.          Click the Update button to save your settings.

5.          From the Location List page, you can view all available locations, the number of current attendees, the associated printer and the maximum people for this location. To edit a location, including associated Attendance Types, click the Location Name link.