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The page structure is how Arena defines website layout and navigation. It is frequently referred to as a page tree because it uses a hierarchy structure consisting of parent pages with one or more child pages that can be parent pages as well.

Your Arena installation includes three page collections. Each collection of pages represents the three default Arena portals. Each Arena portal has predefined page trees with applicable templates and modules. Pages display in an expandable tree view and represent the order in which they appear. Faded folders indicate that a page is set to not display in navigation. Click on a page to display the content tabs of that page. Templates determine the content area tabs. The content tabs contain the module(s) for the page. The majority of modules are on the Main Content tab of a page.

Home: Portal 1 used by staff on a daily basis.

Mobile Pages: Portal 3 used by staff via smart phones.

Web Pages: Portal 2 used by members via a browser.

After selecting a page, click the Edit Details button to display the page details.

Template – This is the template for this page.

Parent Page – This is the page above the current page in the page tree hierarchy. You can move a page by selecting an existing parent page in the drop-down. All child pages stay bound to the moved page.

Page Name – This is name of the page and displays in the navigation bar, if the page is visible. You can customize the name of any page.

Menu Name – This is an additional page name for customized page tree structure.

Display in Nav – Check this box to display the page in navigation. There are many Arena pages set to not display in navigation due to the links that connect one page to another.

Require SSL – Check this box to use SSL (https) for a portal/page. You can apply SSL to any portal/page with the exception of Arena Check-In.

Validate Request - Check this box to prevent cross-site scripting attacks. The installer checks this box on all pages except for page 2297 (Organization Settings) and page 32 (Role Details). Any page in Arena where this setting is set causes an error if it detects any dangerous input such as <script> tag or any HTML tags. In general, validate request on the new communications page (21 by default) and the page detail display page (page 34 by default) should be turned off.

Description – This is the page description.

Page Settings – This is where you can set options like the Page CSS, Navigation icons, and other settings specific to the current page.