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Portal Security


An Arena portal can be set to allow access by one of two methods. The first method is Windows Authentication where the username that the individual uses to log into their computer is passed to Arena as their user ID automatically (no password is required for login, as Arena assumes that Windows has already verified the User ID and Password via Active Directory).

The second method, Forms Authentication requires users to enter a user ID and password every time they access the Arena portal. In order for staff to access the Arena (internal) portal without using a VPN connection, set the portal to Forms Authentication so that users can access Arena using any Internet browser, while being secured using Arena Security Roles.

While your internal access to the Arena program (through the default portal 1) can usually remain in Windows Authentication mode, it is highly advised that you set any externally accessible portals to Forms Authentication to make sure your data remains secure.

Customization Options:

Arena has a default timeout setting of 10 minutes if no activity. This time can be adjusted in the webconfig file. 

To use a different CSS, you first want to add the CSS file in the ~Program Files (x86)\Arena ChMS\Arena\CSS folder.