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Serving Tags


The Serving Tags option in Volunteer Tracking is the same as the Serving Tags option under the Tags menu. See the Serving Tags page for detailed information on Serving Tags. This option allows you to create tags and assign them to records.

When setting up Serving Tags to use with Service View, set up the levels of the Serving Tags to match the structure of the Service View. Having the levels match make it easier to build your teams and assign your members from the Service View page.

For example, if you have two “Greeter” teams that are scheduled for the Sunday 8:30 AM service, organize both your Serving Tags and Services in the following manner:

Sunday 8:30 AM > Greeters > Team 1

Sunday 8:30 AM > Greeters > Team 2


Below are the Steps for setting up a Serving Tag for “Team 1” and assigning a few members.

1.          From the Volunteer Tracking menu, click the Serving Tags option.

2.          From the Serving Tags page, click the Add New Serving Tag  icon in the lower right-hand corner.

3.          Enter the Name for the Serving Tag and click the  button.

4.          Add the 2nd level for the Serving Tag. (Greeters)

5.          Click the first tab of the Serving Tag.

6.          Click the Add link in the lower left-hand corner.

7.          Enter the Name for the next level Serving Tag and click the Serving Criteria tab.

8.          Select the Category Level check box and click the  button.

NOTE: Selecting the Category Level check box is optional. It adds the capability to filter by this Tag using the Category drop-down on the Administration page.

9.          Add the 3rd level for the Serving Tag. (Team 1)

10.          Click the first tab of the Serving Tag.

11.          Click the Add link in the lower left-hand corner.

12.          Enter the Name for the next level Serving Tag and click the Serving Criteria tab.

13.          Enter the Volunteers Needed and click the  button.

14.          Assign records to the last Serving Tag. (Jose & Mary Hernandez, Louise Baker)

15.          Click the Add New Member  icon.

16.          Enter a “Last Name” and click the Go button.

17.          Check the boxes next to the names to add and then click the Select and Search Again button.


18.          Enter the “Last Name” of another record and click the Go button.

19.          Select the check box next to the record to add then click the Select button.

20.          Notice the records are listed on the Tag Details Page.

21.          Click the Show Tree View link to view the Tag levels.