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Use this feature to create e-Cards and e-Invitations and make available on your organization’s Arena-managed website. Members can then send an email link to an e-Card or e-Invitation, which could be either an image or a Flash file. Since the E-Card and E-Invite templates are setup the same with the exception of one setting change, for the purposes of this guide we only look at E-Cards.

1.          From the Web Content menu, click the E-Cards option to bring up the list of created E-Cards. This list shows the Title, Category, Format, Type, Content Category, and an Active Status indicator.

Title – This is the title of the card or invite.

Category – This is the E-Card Category defined in E-Card Category Lookup.

Format – This identifies if the card is in image or flash format.

Type – This is the type of card defined in the E-Card Type Lookup. E-Card and E-Invite are defaults types.

Content Category – This is the Content Category, and defines where to display the card.

Active – This indicates if a card or invite is active or inactive.


Create an E-Card

1.          Click the Add New E-Card  icon on the lower right to create an E-card.

2.          Enter the appropriate fields or make the appropriate selections for your E-Card or E-Invite.

Title - Enter a Title for the Card.

Max Message Size – Change the message size, as desired. The default value is 250 characters.

Content Category - Choose a Content Category for this Card. You can leave it blank.

Format – Choose a format. Choose a Card Format for the image type. By default, Image (.jpg files) and Flash (.swf files) already exist.

Card Size – Select a card size. The Standard 600x300 pixels is the default value.

Card Type - This is what determines if this card is an E-Card or an E-Invite.

Card Category - This allows you to sort your cards into different Categories, such as Birthday, Holiday, Get Well, etc.

Start Date – This is the starting date for the Card to be Active and therefore available for use on the Arena-managed website.

End Date – This is the date the Card becomes inactive. If the current date is outside of this date range, then this card does not show on the website.

Card Source Image File – This is the actual image for the Card. Click the Browse button to select and upload an image.

Card Preview Image File - This can be the same as the Source Image or not. This allows you to have different size images, like a Thumbnail for the Category List module/control on the website and a larger image for the actual card.

Supporting Text – Enter the text to display on this card, regardless of the actual message copy. This can be a scripture passage, an inspirational quote, or your own well wishes.

3.          Click the Save button when finished.