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The Classifieds feature has two main types, Classified and Business Directory. Each type has a separate page on your Arena-managed website. Users can submit classified ads and business directory listings. Once approved, the classifieds ads and directory listings are available for other users on your Arena-managed website.

Classifieds Customization Options

Verify the ClassifiedApprovalPage Organization Setting is set to the correct page. This page should be the Classified Approve page with only the security roles that are set to approve classifieds. These roles should have View, Edit and Approve permissions.

Start the Classified Cleanup Agent. Be sure to customize the agent settings.

Verify Classified Approval Page Organization Setting.

Customize Classified Expire Days Organization Setting.

Customize Classified Category and Classified Type.

Set security for users who can view and approve.

From the Web Content menu, click the Classifieds option to display a list of all Classifieds. This list  shows the Ad Title, the Author of the Ad, the Classified Category, the Content Category, the date Last Modified, the Approval status, and if the Ad has Expired. Use the filter options at the top to choose exactly what Classified Ads to show.

Process a Submitted Classified

1.          Click the Title Name link to open the classified submission.

2.          Review and edit, as desired.

Title – This is the title of the ad; this displays as the Classified Ad entry.

Text – Enter or review the description of the item.

Classified Category - Click the drop-down list to choose the Category in which the item displays.

Content Category - Click the drop-down list to choose in which content area the ad displays.

Phone – Enter the person’s phone number associated with the classified listing.

Email – Enter the person’s email address associated with the classified listing.

Expire Date – This is the date on which the ad expires and no longer displays.

Approved – Select this check box to approve the item.

Picture - Click the Browse button to select a picture to upload so that it displays in the ad.

3.          Select the Approved check box.

4.          Click the Save button when finished.