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Polls, when placed on the Arena-managed website pages, create a feature that enables members to answer survey style questions, allowing the Organization to learn the opinions of the Membership base. You can also place Polls on internal Arena pages so that staff users are included.

From the Web Content menu, click the Polls option to bring up the list of currently created Polls. This list shows the Active Status, Poll Question, Category, the Modify Answers link, the number of responses, and the number of answers.

Create a New Poll

1.          Click the Add New Poll  icon. Arena adds a New Poll Question.

2.          Click the Edit  icon to modify this poll. This opens the options within the list.

3.          Select the Active check box if this Poll is Active.

4.          Enter the desired question.

5.          Choose the Category in which this poll displays.

6.          Click the Delete  icon to remove this Poll.

7.          Click the Modify Answers link to add new Poll Answers or modify existing Answers. This opens the Answer List, showing the Poll Answer, the number of Responses, and arrows for ordering the answers.

Add a Poll Answer

Click the Add New Poll Answer  icon to enter a new answer. If you already know how many answers you want and what they will be, click the Add New Poll Answer icon until you have the desired number. This creates several answers entitled New Answer.

Click the Edit  icon to edit the answer. Click the Edit icon to enter the number of responses manually.

Enter the Answer value.

Click the Update  icon to save.

Repeat the last four steps for each choice you offer for an answer.

Click the Reorder  icon to drag and drop the field to the desired position. The poll lists the possible answers in the order listed here. Click the Return To Polls link when finished to return to the Poll list.