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Pledge Quick Entry


On this page, you can enter one pledge amount, per fund, per contributor. Contributions processed during the pledge period, posts against that pledge. There is also the option to create Repeating Payments to post against this pledge.

1.          From the Contributions menu, click the Pledge Quick Entry option.

2.          Enter name and click the Apply Filter button.

3.          Select the record.

4.          Select a Fund.

NOTE: There is a module setting to hide inactive funds from this drop-down list.

5.          Enter or select the Start Date.

6.          Enter or select the End Date.

7.          Enter the Amount.

8.          Select a Frequency. If you are using payment gateways, you must select one before pledge frequencies display.

9.          Click the Save button. If the payment gateway is setup, you can optionally create a repeating payment from this page.

10.          Select a Frequency.

11.          Enter Payment Amount.

12.          Enter the Number of Payments.

13.          Select Account Type.

14.          Enter Routing Number.

15.          Enter Account Number.

16.          Click the Save button.


Edit a Pledge

1.          Click the Contributions tab on the Person Detail page.

2.          Click the Edit  icon of the pledge you would like to edit.

3.          Edit the amount and dates, as desired.

4.          Click the Update  icon.