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Repeating Payments


From the Contributions menu, click the Repeating Payments option. The option allows you to view and edit all repeating payments for your members. This list displays the Identifier code for the transaction, the member’s Name, the Frequency of the payment, the date of the First Payment, the total Number of Payments, the payment Method, the Status of the repeating payment, and the Amount of the total periodic payment (not the total of all payments over all periods) for that transaction.

Identifier – This column displays the link to the repeating payment profile.

Name – This column displays the name of the person to which the repeating payment profile is associated.

Frequency – This column displays how often to process the repeating payment profile. The payment gateway provider determines frequency options.

Date Setup – This column displays the creation date of the repeating payment profile.

First Payment – This column displays the first payment date of the repeating payment profile.

Number Payments – This column displays the total number of payments for the repeating payment profile.

Method- This column displays the payment method for the repeating payment profile.

Status- This column displays if the repeating payment profile is active or inactive.

Amount- This column displays the amount for each payment.

You can filter based on the Repeating Payment Identifier, a date range in which the payment schedule was setup, an amount range, the Frequency, the contributor, and/or the Repeating Payment Profile's Active status. You can also click the Name link to bring up their Person Detail page, or you can click a transaction Identifier number to bring up the details of that transaction. When you enter or process a payment, Arena can send an email to the Contributors.


Add a Repeating Payment

Permissions may vary by user and actual steps may vary by payment gateway provider.

1.          On the Repeating Payment page, click the Add Repeating Payment  icon.

2.          Search and select for an existing record.

3.          Confirm the Contact Information.

4.          Click the Next button.

5.          Enter a Profile Name.

6.          Select Frequency. The payment gateway provider determines frequency options.

7.          Enter or select Begin Date.

8.          Enter amount(s) for each fund.

9.          Click the Next button.

10.          Select payment method.

11.          Click the Next button and complete the required payment information.

12.          Arena displays a confirmation page and number.


Edit a Repeating Payment

1.          Click the Identifier link to pull up the details of the repeating payment.

2.          Click the Edit this Profile button.

3.          Make changes.

4.          Click the Save button.