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Use White Pages to search for records using advance search criteria. If your organization is multi-campus, you can Filter by Campus. You can also select to Include Inactive and Pending Records. In addition to these filter options, you can search by one additional criteria on this page. Use Lists to search by multiple criteria. Records that match any single search criteria display on a Search Results page. Consider using the "%" and "_" wild cards for unknown multiple or single characters.

NOTE: You can control which filters appear by clicking the Edit Settings... link in the upper right-hand corner.

Search by Campus and by Record Status in addition to one advanced search field.

Use the Last Name field only to search by individuals and businesses. Businesses use the last name field.

Use the Member Status drop-down to search by a specific status. Use Lists to search by multiple member statuses.

Use the Email address to search for records by any part of any email address. You can enter a complete address or the domain. Arena displays all records that have any email address that match the entered criteria. Keep in mind the search results page displays the preferred email address.

Use the Phone Number field to search for records with a partial or complete phone number. Arena accepts domestic and international phone numbers. If you enter a partial phone number, the results display all records that contain any phone number that matches the criteria you enter. For example, if you enter “901”, Arena displays all records where an active phone number contains “901”, (e.g., 623-901-0000, 623-590-1423, and 901-757-2372). Keep in mind the search results page displays the main/home phone number. If the records do not display the entered phone number in the main/home phone column then the criteria matches another number on the person’s record. Consider entering area code followed by the underscore (_) wildcard in order to display all records with a specific area code.

Use the primary address field to search for records by any part of the main/home street address (e.g., 7345 Goodlett Farms Road). You can enter the numeric portion and/or any part of the street name. For example, enter “Farm” to search for records where the main/home address contains “Farm” in the street name. The search includes street names like Goodlett Farms, Blackberry Farms and Farmland. Make note of abbreviated addresses such as Trc for Trace, Ln for Lane, St for Street and CV for Cove.

Use the Proximity option to search for records that are a specified distance from the address you enter, based on geocoded addresses. For example, if you want a list of records that live within five miles of your organization or a group leader’s home, enter “5” in the Proximity box and enter the complete address of your organization in the address boxes. The results display any record with a main/home address within five miles of the address you enter. If you want a list of people who are exactly five miles, use the column sort options on the results page.

Search for people by a Ministry, Serving, or Event Tag. Click the Search  icon to search and select a Tag.

Search for people by a specific Spiritual Gift. Options vary by organization.

Search for people by entering the Birth Month/Day. Click the Calendar  icon or enter a birthdate in MM/DD format.

Search for people by entering a Birth Year (e.g., 1980).

Search by a specific Arena Login ID or Alternate ID. A user with applicable permissions can set the Login ID and Alternate ID on the Security tab of the Person Details page. Alternate field is the Person ID on the Security tab. This field is static for all users with access to this page.